Medco Pharmacy Customer Service

Medco and Express Scripts customer service. Get in touch with Medco and Express Scripts customer service department through the following phone numbers. For more information about Medco ePrescribe, Medco Discount Card, Physician Service Center and Pharmacist Services Help, please call the numbers listed below.

Medco Pharmacy Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Medco ePresribe 1 800 411-1665
  • Medco Discount Card 1 877 733-6765
  • Physician Service Center 1 800 211-1456
  • Pharmacist Services Help 1 800 922-1557
  • FAQ

How To Contact Medco Pharmacy

Welcome to Express Script. Please note, Medco is now a part of the Express Script family of pharmacists. 

  • To continue providing the highest quality of service, your call maybe monitored or recorded. 
  • In a few words, please tell me the reason why you are calling. 
  • You can say things such as, "I need a refill" or ,"Check the status of an order." 
  • So what are you calling about? I need a refill. 
  • Refills. I can help you with that. First, please say or key in your 12 digit prescription number. 
  • Thank you for calling Express Scripts. If you are getting a message 75 'prior authorization required', and you feel a prior authorization should already be on file, please reprocess the claims in 24 hours. 
  • If you are getting message 76 'plan limitations exceeded', please review the quantity and the supply field and ensure it equals the required daily dose. 
  • Thank you for calling the Express Scripts pharmacy services help desk. Please note that Medco is now a part of Express Scripts. 
  • To continue providing high quality service, your call may be monitored or recorded. 
  • If you are calling for a retail claim other than Medicare part D, press 1. 
  • For a Medicare part D claim, press 2. 
  • Thanks. In order to provide you with faster services in the future, please call the customer service phone number list it on the back of your prescription card. 
  • Now please allow me to transfer you to member services. 

Medco Pharmacy Custom Service Contact Information

  • FAQ
  • Medco Pharmacy Inc
    1 Express Way
    St Louis, MO 63121

Medco Pharmacy Services

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