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AT&T Business Customer Service Number 800-750-2355

AT&T Business Customer Service

AT&T Business customer service. Get in touch with AT&T Business's customer service department through the following phone numbers, email, social media, contact form and online chat. For more information about customer service, deals and packages, new customers and address changes, call the numbers listed below.

AT&T Business Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Moving & Address Change 877-318-2092
  • New Customer 888-715-3291
  • Deals & Packages 888-858-0822
  • Customer Service 888-288-8339
  • Customer Service 877-937-5288
  • Customer Service 877-325-0445
  • Customer Service 800-246-8464

How To Contact AT&T Business

How can you contact a real person at AT&T? 

  • Welcome to ATT. If you're calling about phone numbers, please press 1. 
  • Welcome to the main menu. To pay your bills or to get other bill-related options, please press 1.
  • For technical support or help with your voice mail, please press 2.
  • To check usage to to report a stolen or lost wireless device or to cancel your service, please press 3.
  • For sales, new orders or alternatively start a new order, please press 4.
  • For anything else or to speak to a trained customer service professional, please press 0.
  • To repeat these options, please press *.
  • To enter an alternative phone number, please press 2.
  • (If you don't choose an option) Please enter the cellphone number that you are currently enquiring about, starting with the area code.
  • For further options, please press 1. 
  • To activate your AT&T Go Phone, please press 1. 
  • To order a new service or to add a line to an existing wireless account, please press 2.
  • For more information or help with home phone DSL or you first service, please press 3.
  • To check the status of a recent wireless order, please press 4.
  • For help with tablets or laptop connections, please press 5.
  • For help with any other issues or to speak to a trained customer service professional, please press 0.
  • To repeat these options, please press *.

AT&T Business Custom Service Contact Information

AT&T Business Services

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