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eBay Customer Service Number 1 866-540-3229

eBay Customer Service

eBay customer service. Get in touch with eBay's customer service team through the following phone numbers and contact form. For more information on auctions, bidding, returns, membership, PayPal, buying, selling and fees please call the numbers listed below.

eBay Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service 866-643-1607
  • Technical support 1 866-961-9253

How To Contact eBay

Welcome to eBay's customer service:

  • To ensure high standards for training purposes, your call may be recorded.
  • We are experiencing unforeseen high call volume and apologize in advance for extended wait times.
  • Thank you for your patience. Your inquiry will be handled as soon as possible
  • Please type in your one-time pass code followed by the pound key.
  • If you do not have your pass-code, please just press the pound key.

eBay Custom Service Contact Information

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