Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo customer service. Get in touch with Yahoo's customer service department via the following social media, email, contact form and portal. For all questions about Yahoo! mail, Yahoo! news, Yahoo! Groups, advertising, video sharing and online mapping , please use the contact form below.

Yahoo Customer Service Phone Numbers

  • Customer Service 0800 031 4244
  • Customer Service 1800 763 395
  • YAHOO CUSTOMER SERVICE UK 44-800-014-8093
  • Contact Form
  • FAQ

How To Contact Yahoo

Yahoo no longer has a customer service number. We have provided these numbers for historical reasons. Instead, users are recommended to use the Yahoo customer portal here:

It's simple to get help from Yahoo. Here's how to find our support options:

  • Return to the Yahoo help homepage
  • Select the product you require assistance with
  • If available, click the contact us link

Yahoo Help Central is also very useful for assistance:

Yahoo Custom Service Contact Information

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